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What my clients say

"Adam was an absolutely fantastic editor to work with. He made the process of getting our manuscript published much smoother than it would have otherwise been. He saved us time and made sure that our very important research, focused on addressing childhood diarrhoea, was as readable and thereby impactful, as possible. Our article was published in a highly anticipated BMJ Innovations Special Supplement on Social Innovations in Health, so the quality standards were very high. Adam was patient, flexible and supported our efforts to refine and précis our work in the most effective way possible. From referencing to formatting to copyediting more broadly, Adam has been a great help in the past, and we look forward to working with him again in the future." 

Dr Rohit Ramchandani, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo School of Public Health; Adjunct Faculty, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

"Dear Adam, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support with proofreading my work. I really appreciated your patience and flexibility when supporting me. There were times where I was also making changes to my document and you worked around this and re-proofread the respective sections. Your technical skill and expertise is just wonderful. Thank you for always replying to my text messages and emails so promptly. I most appreciated your reliability. Thank you for helping me last minute when I encountered a problem with converting a word file to PDF! You always kept me up to date with the progress. You are wonderful at your job and I will absolutely have no hesitation in recommending you to others."

Dr K, Clinical Research Fellow

"Adam at Impact Factor Editing is great to work with, and I would highly recommend him. From quote to completed proofread the process was easy, with prompt communication. Adam provided an in-depth copyedit and proofread of our extensive report, to be published later this year, and added real value to the document."

Paula Nesbitt, Business and Finance Director, Vinescapes Ltd.

"Working with Adam has transformed the arduous task of writing a scientific paper into a smooth process, providing rapid results through fruitful exchanges. He has a great ability to comprehend and communicate complex scientific information on a wide range of topics. Thanks to his motivation and being most helpful throughout all writing and editing steps, it is a real pleasure to work with him!"

Dr Camille Escadafal, Scientific Officer, FIND, Switzerland

"Adam is a paragon of professional attitude and punctuality…a great editor and an important part of my professional success. I will gladly work with Adam in the future!"

Sergey Melnikov, PhD, Biosciences Institute, Newcastle University, UK

"Adam is a great copyeditor. He's efficient, skilled and thorough. I very much appreciated our communication and fast responses from Adam before he received the manuscript, his service-mindedness is exquisite! I will definitely use Adam's copyediting services for more manuscripts in the future."

Camilla Malm, PhD student, Linnaeus University, Sweden

"Thank you very much! I believe that you have worked hard and thus provided me with a wonderful work! In reality, you are the best editor with whom I have contacted! I have other papers waiting for your help."

Dr Li, China

"Adam is an expert in English correction. His work is very fast and effective."

Dr Songkeart, King Mongkutt's University of Technology, Thailand

"Adam is one of our most consistent writers of The Xylom. He succeeds in blending his understanding of biological principles and education strategies with his personal voice. He is also easy to reach and enthusiastic about both his own work and the content from other scientists as well. He brings a unique perspective to our stable of contributors as a Westerner teaching science in Southeast Asia. I would definitely recommend him as a science writer."

Alex Ip, Founder, The Xylom, USA

"The web allows many colleagues to interact with each other, facilitating and helping them do a better job. In my particular case, I managed to contact an excellent expert language editor (Adam Bodley) in English and my work improved greatly!"

Dr Gustavo Fava, National University of San Juan, Argentina

"I have been using Adam's editing services for some time now, mostly for my PhD students’ work. His excellent service allows me to concentrate on the research content of their manuscripts or theses, rather than their language skills. This is particularly useful for my students who are non-native English speakers. It also means that I can more efficiently manage my time doing research, teaching, managing my group and seeking funds. The service is very thorough and includes everything required to improve a manuscript for submission to an international journal. This includes checking the grammar and vocabulary, reviewing the flow of sentences, and making sure that all citations and references are correct. Fast feedback and reasonable charges are another strength of the service provided. I will certainly continue to use Adam's editing services, especially now that the research environment is so competitive."

Assistant Professor Wirichada, Mahidol University, Thailand

"I lead an international research group and many of my team members have English as an additional language. Adam has helped to remove some of the language barriers to my team's scientific publishing, and the productivity of the group has improved dramatically as a result."

Professor Lisa White, University of Oxford, UK

​"We at the Institute of Academic Development, PW International Co. Ltd., one of Thailand’s leading publishers, really need experienced editors to work with us to produce our science textbooks. These textbooks are used by English-speaking programmes in Thai schools. Adam provides us with the experience we need. We have been very impressed by the academic editing work we receive back each time."

Mr Ekkarat, Academic Officer, The Institute of Academic Development, Thailand

"Thank you so much for the corrections and details. I will remember this act of kindness...looking forward to your valuable comments and reply...thank you so much for everything."

Hina, PhD candidate, Université Laval, Québec, Canada

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